Communications Team

The Communications Team oversees all print and electronic forms of communication at St. Philip, including SPIN, church brochures, the phone directory, photo directory, the electronic sign, our Facebook page, and our website. We are focused on and committed to bringing vital information to our church body.
But, we are in need of your help! The Communications Team is looking for, first and foremost, new members. We are in need of people who are interested in shaping the way St. Philip communicates with its members and vice versa. The team typically meets once a month during the noon hour at the church, but we can be flexible!
We are also looking for a church archivist. Someone to compile and keep up to date all the information and memorabilia pertaining to the history of St. Philip. So if you have a love of history, data collection, archiving, or just want to help preserve our church’s history, this position is for you.
Our team is also interested in forming a photography team. Everyone loves seeing pictures of our church in action on Facebook, on bulletin boards, on the website. Even in brochures and directories! So we would love to have a team of go-to photographers we could call whenever we have an event that calls for documentation. To be clear, you do not have to be a professional to join; just have a love of photography and the willingness to attend a few events a year.
If any of these positions interest you, or if you have any questions or concerns about St. Philip’s communication lines, please contact Linda or Angela at the church office.