This year will certainly look different, but I (Pr. Brad) am excited to spend the year with you all! The plan is to have Confirmation in-person at the church. Face masks will be required and we will do our best to socially distance ourselves. We will continue to monitor and follow CDC and county guidelines due to COVID-19.
We are abbreviating our confirmation program to one hour and we will be flexible to where we meet, in person or virtually. The 7th and 8th grade students will be meeting from 6:00pm-7:00pm on Wednesday evenings. We will not be having dinners at the church, so please plan accordingly, to eat before or after.
If you are not comfortable gathering in person and would like another option for confirmation, please contact Pastor Brad. We respect everyone’s personal decision and the amount of risk they are or are not willing to take during this time. Pastor Brad is happy to work with you.

7th-8th Grade Confirmation Description

Confirmation at St. Philip is not your traditional confirmation class. Confirmation has three components: Learning Events, Service Events and Fellowship Events. We like to keep it fun and engaging for the confirmation students. This year, we will be focusing on the Bible, the New Testament. We will be using a curriculum called Echo the Story where the confirmation students will have journals to write, draw and reflect in. The story will be told in different ways and there will be a recap video each week as we learn the story of the Bible. The service events help us to remember God’s many gifts for us and how we can use some of our gifts to give back to God. “Our work, God’s hands.” Relationships are important in the church and in our Christian lives, which is why we have Fellowship Events to help us get to know each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

9th Grade Confirmation Description

Confirmation in 9th grade is designed to pull what you have learned from the past two years and make it personal. We learn and gain knowledge about God, but we need to take the step to make it personal, so we will talk about our faith and relationship with God. We are turning that knowledge into faith and a relationship with God.
Part of Confirmation is writing a faith paper, stating what you believe, sharing how you have experienced God, and sharing where you see God in your life or in the world. Pastor Brad will talk more about this and send an instruction page home.
If you have not been contacted by Pastor Brad about your child participating in Confirmation, please contact Pastor Brad at

Confirmation Documents and Forms

Please download the forms, read them, fill out the ones that need to be filled out and bring them to confirmation on the 16th. 
Confirmation Behavior Covenant (Form to print and fill out)
Information Documents: