Confirmation at St. Philip is not your traditional confirmation class. Confirmation has three components: Learning Events, Service Events and Fellowship Events. We like to have fun and keep things moving during our learning events with skits, game show questions, guest speakers, worship, small groups, and large groups. The service events help us to remember God’s many gifts for us and how we can use some of our gifts to give back to God. “Our work, God’s hands.” Relationships are important in the church and in our Christian lives, which is why we have Fellowship Events to help us get to know each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.
If you have not been contacted by Pastor Brad about your child participating in Confirmation, please contact Pastor Brad at

Confirmation Schedule:

Wed. 5/1 Learning Event Apostles’ Creed: The Forgiveness of Sins
Wed. 5/8 Field Trip Funeral Home Visit
Wed. 5/15 Learning Event Apostles’ Creed – Resurrection and Eternal Life

The Take Home documents are handed out to the confirmation students each week based on the theme of the evening. It includes a summary of the evening and Faith5 for the week. Feel free to download these take home handouts; especially if your confirmation student didn’t bring their copy home or if your confirmation student couldn’t make it to confirmation. The Take Homes usually appear the Wednesday of Confirmation. 
April 24th:
May 1st:
May 15th: