St. Philip Lutheran Church

Mission Endowment


The purpose of the St. Philip Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund is to enhance the mission of the Church apart from the general operations of the congregation. The Mission Endowment Fund: 

  • Provides for the receipt of extraordinary gifts pursuant to a plan for use of the gifts that is coordinated with the congregation’s total ministry


    • Promotes the faithful Christian stewardship of all members’ resources, both present income as well as accumulated assets, by encouraging personal wills and estate plans that reflect love for family, neighbors and God’s work through the Church
  • Encourages gifts of accumulated assets to enhance the mission outreach of the congregation beyond that expected to be supported through regular giving 


Fund Benefits

Proceeds from the Fund principal are distributed through a grant program to support programs such as: 

Church Mission Programs

  • Worldwide missionary support
  • Rainbow Trail Camp
  • Local mission church startup
  • Missionary speakers



  • Renowned speaker program
  • Men’s special retreat programs
  • Women’s special events/programs
  • Youth programs


Community Outreach

  • Hunger programs
  • St. Philip homeless programs
  • Noteworthy speakers programs
  • Educational programs
  • Special music/concert programs


  • Church seminarians tuition support
  • Youth summer camp
  • Youth travel to national conventions
  • Grants to ELCA colleges


Disaster Relief

    • ELCA food relief programs
    • Flood, earthquake, famine, tornado, hurricane response/relief
Have you considered including the Lord in your estate plan?

As we give to support God’s work throughout our lives, a gift or bequest to the Endowment Fund will support the Church mission in perpetuity.

  • Cash gifts – provide an immediate donor tax deduction
  • Bequest in will – provides for donor control with estate tax savings
  • Name Fund as beneficiary in life insurance or IRA – provides for donor control with estate tax savings
  • Giving appreciated Investments provides donor an immediate income tax deduction, avoids capital gains tax, and reduces estate tax
  • Gift annuity provides donor an immediate tax deduction while continuing to provide life time income
  • Wealth Replacement Trust – Gifted assets create a tax deduction while life insurance replaces assets for the family
  • Charitable Remainder Trust Provides an immediate income tax deduction. Income payments to donor avoid capital gains tax
  • Donor advised fund – Provides an immediate tax deduction


Making a Mission Grant Request

Members of St. Philip Lutheran Church may make a mission grant request at any time. Mission program grants are funded from the return on the endowment fund principal. Grants are not intended to be used for church operating expenses or programs normally funded by the operating budget of St. Philip Lutheran Church. Projects or activities proposed for mission grant funding should be well thought out, have a specific purpose and intended measurable result or impact. Grantees will be expected to plan and manage the project or activity and report back to the congregation on the activity and the resulting benefit to the mission of the Church.
Check back here at a later date for further information on 2024 grant applications.