Game/Board Game Recommendations

What games or board games are you play? Are they for one, two or more people? Where could someone find this game? Are there games you recommend?

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  1. Paula Osborne says:

    If anyone is thinking about learning a new language, I would like to recommend an app I am using called Duolingo. It is a fun way to practice a new language. I never thought I was any good at picking up a second language, but I am learning Portuguese and doing quite well with it. What language do you want to learn?

  2. Coreen Wells says:

    I love playing spatial games. One of my favorites is Lumosity. It is a timed game – usually two minutes. It strengthens many functions of the brain. My favorite is Train of Thought. Right now I’m working with directing up to 60 trains to the correct station.
    Other categories are speed, visual, timing, word games. It is a brain stimulator.

    It may be downloaded at

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