Resources for Bible Study, Devotion

and Sharing Blogs

St. Philip Coloring Contest for Adults and Kids!

There are five Holy Week Coloring Pages available for you to color! Be creative, use as many colors as you would like and most importantly have fun! You can use crayons, coloring pencils, markers, paint, etc. Use it as a meditation, devotion or a fun activity. 
1) Download one or more of the coloring pages
2) Print it on white paper
3) Color it
4) Take a picture of it
5) Post it to the St. Philip Facebook Group
If you have any questions or need help, contact Pastor Brad!

Resource Sharing Blogs!

Many people have more time on their hands and are looking for ways to spend their time! Use the blogs below to share what you are doing, reading, watching, listening to, or games you are playing! 


If you are interested in seeing resource sharing blogs for children, go to the Children’s Ministry Page!


Book/Audio Book Recommendations

What books or audio books are you reading/listening to? Your local library has the ability to check out digital and audio books online. You may be required to download the Axis 360 app or Hoopla App. Pr. Brad uses both and they work great! Each app has different books and audio books. The best part is, they are free with your library card!

Hobby/Activity Recommendations

What hobbies or activities are you doing right now? Is there something new you have started doing in the last week? What do you recommend? 

Game/Board Game Recommendations

What games or board games are you play? Are they for one, two or more people? Where could someone find this game? Are there games you recommend?

Podcast/Movie/Show Recommendations

What podcasts are you listening to? What movies or shows are you watching? Where can they be found (Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, a website, on an app, etc. What do you recommend?