Stations of the Cross

St. Philip has set up the Stations of the Cross in the church courtyard, as you walk to the church office and Early Learning Center entrances. There are pictures in the windows of each station. The Stations of the Cross depict Jesus’ last day on earth, Good Friday. There are 14 specific events that are portrayed, beginning with Jesus’ condemnation and ending with him being laid in the tomb. These stations provide a time of reflection, devotion and prayer. 

You are invited to go to the church to pray, reflect and walk the stations of the cross.

The Creighton University’s Collaborative Ministry Office has many resources on there website, to help lead you in the Stations of the Cross. These can be used at home or you can pull them up on your phone and walk the stations of the cross at the church. We do remind you to socially distance yourselves and feel free to wait in your vehicle if others are there or you wouldn’t be able to socially distance yourself. 

The fourteen stations of the cross are:

The First Station
Jesus is Condemned to Die.

The Second Station:
Jesus Carries His Cross.

The Third Station:
Jesus Falls the First Time.

The Fourth Station:
Jesus Meets His Mother.

The Fifth Station:
Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross.

The Sixth Station:
Veronica Wipes Jesus’ Face.

The Seventh Station:
Jesus Falls the Second Time.

The Eighth Station:
Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem.

The Ninth Station:
Jesus Falls the Third Time.

The Tenth Station:
Jesus is Stripped.

The Eleventh Station:
Jesus is Nailed to the Cross.

The Twelfth Station:
Jesus Dies on the Cross.

The Thirteenth Station:
Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross.

The Fourteenth Station:
Jesus is Laid in the Tomb.