About Garang Manyot Giet

Garang joined the Seeds of South Sudan program at the age of 9 when he was selected from Kakuma Refugee Camp. He completed his high school education at the top boys high school, Koelel High School.  He returned to Nakuru, Kenya and led bible studies for the students at the home base of Seeds of South Sudan, as well as the Sunday service for the approximately 85-90 individuals at the home base.

Garang began his seminary studies at African International University in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2017. He is studying theology and hopes to work assisting orphans and refugees through a church or religious organization.
Here is Garang in his own words:

About his courses

“Well, I hope you know very well that I am doing Theology. The term basically means the study of God. Your pastor will certainly attest to this fact. Of course other related areas such as church history, doctrines, and systematic theology are covered as well.”


How he was called

“As you are all aware everyone has a calling. I too was called. Apart from many people calling me a pastor, I had a passion on the things of God. In fact, theology was in my list of careers that I would do in future when I was in high school. Additionally, I feel happy when I stand in front of people and encourage them. I thought God’s word can be an effective tool of encouragement. The latter makes me feel that I can be a motivational speaker or a public speaker, though I am yet to discover that!”

What he is planning to do after graduation.

“Here, my point is straight. I am ready to work with any church or Christian organisation that is willing to support my mission of assisting the refugees and the orphans even as I support their mission. I believe this is the only best way to give back to the society.”

His experience in school so far

“Friends, I got to be honest with you that the academic work is intensifying up the ladder. Well, the higher you go the hotter it becomes and not the vice versa. But I am grateful that I am here halfway. Oyee!!! You are welcome to do theology if you are interested. It is a fun! I love my lecturers and my classmates too.”

Garang’s advice

“Define your problem. Open up to God and confess to one another. For these are the sources of your healing. Otherwise ‘An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions.'” (Robert A Humphrey)