Worship Service Archives

We are grateful that you are taking the opportunity to worship our Lord during this time! We pray this worship service brings you closer to God as we praise God, come to God in prayer and as we learn to love and trust God in your life. 
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Pentecost 9C
Pentecost 8C – “Living Lives of Faith” – Sr. High Mission Trip Sharing
Pentecost 7C – “Shameless”
Pentecost 6C – “Experiencing God’s Presence” – Vacation Bible School
Pentecost 5C – “God’s Mercy”
Pentecost 4C – “Bringing God’s Presence”
Pentecost 3C – “Excuses, excuses”
Pentecost 2C – “Powerless”
Holy Trinity Sunday – “Spirit of Truth”
Pentecost Sunday – “God’s Presence”
7th Sunday of Easter
50th Anniversary Worship Service – “Go Make a Difference”
5th Sunday of Easter – Senior High Recognition – “Unconditional Acceptance”
4th Sunday of Easter – Mother’s Day – “Restoration”
3rd Sunday of Easter – Children’s Spring Program: For the Beauty of the Earth
2nd Sunday of Easter
Easter Service
Maundy Thursday/Good Friday Service
Palm Sunday – “Mercy in Palms”
Lent 4 – “Mercy in Service”
Lent 3 – “Mercy in Relationships”
Lent 2 – “Mercy in Suffering”
Lent 1 – “Temptation & Identity”
Ash Wednesday Service – “Mercy in Ashes”
Deacon Korra Looschen Installation Service
Transfiguration Sunday – “The Greatness of God”
7th Sunday after Epiphany – “Loved & Forgiven”
6th Sunday after Epiphany – “Deception & Trust”
5th Sunday after Epiphany – Deacon Korra – “Follow Me”
4th Sunday after Epiphany – “Identity”
3rd Sunday after Epiphany – “Dwelling in the Word”
Sunday Baptism of Our Lord – “Led by the Spirit”
Epiphany Sunday – “The Glory of God”
2nd Sunday of Christmas – Hymn Sing
1st Sunday of Christmas – “Living as Examples”
Christmas Eve – “Christmas Joy”
Advent 4 – “Blessed are You!”
Advent 3 – Choir Cantata
Advent 2 – Children’s Christmas Pageant
Advent 1
Thanksgiving Eve
Christ the King Sunday
Pentecost 25
All Saints Sunday
Reformation Day
Pentecost 22
Pentecost 21
Pentecost 20
Pentecost 19
Pentecost 18
Pentecost 17
Pentecost 16 (Gather Together Sunday)
Pentecost 15
Pentecost 14
Pentecost 13
Pentecost 12
Pentecost 9
Pentecost 8
Pentecost 7
Pentecost 6
Pentecost 5
Pentecost 4 (Father’s Day)
Pentecost 3
Pentecost 2
Ascension Sunday
Easter 6
Easter 5
Easter 4
Easter 3
Easter 2
Resurrection Sunday: Easter
Lent 6: Easter Vigil
Lent 5: Good Friday
Lent 4: Maundy Thursday (Garden)
Lent 3: Maundy Thursday (Foot Washing)
Lent 2: Maundy Thursday (Passover/Lord’s Supper)
Lent 1: Palm Sunday
Ash Wednesday 
Transfiguration Sunday
Epiphany 5
Epiphany 4
Epiphany 3
Epiphany 2
JoHanna Buchholz’s Ordination Service
Second Sunday of Christmas
First Sunday of Christmas
Christmas Eve
Advent 4: Arise and Shine – Eternal Light
Advent 3: Arise and Shine – Healing Light
Advent Hymn Sing: A Taste of Christmas
Advent 2: Arise and Shine – Reflected Light
Advent Hymn Sing: A Taste of Christmas
Advent 1: Arise and Shine – Rising Light
Christ the King
Pentecost 24
Living by the Spirit: Self-Control
Living by the Spirit: Gentleness
Living by the Spirit: Generosity
Living by the Spirit: Kindness
Living by the Spirit: Patience
Living by the Spirit: Peace
Living by the Spirit: Joy
Living by the Spirit: Love
Pentecost 14
Pentecost 13
Pentecost 12
Pentecost 11
Pentecost 10
Installation Service for Pastor Brad Doty, Senior Pastor
Pentecost 9
Pentecost 8
Pentecost 7
Pentecost 6
Pentecost 5
Pentecost 4
Pentecost 3
Pentecost 2
Trinity Sunday
Easter 7 – Ascension Day
Easter 6
Easter 5
Easter 4
Easter 3
Easter 2
Easter Sunday
Good Friday
Maundy Thursday
Palm Sunday
Lent 5