Our church council appointed Mike Burgess, Karen West, and Josh Keltner to serve as members of our Conflict Transformation Committee. At their May meeting, Mike was elected to serve as the chair of this committee. 


What does a Conflict Transformation Committee do? I’m glad you asked! Below you will find our Mission, Vision, and Job Description plus the information adopted into our Continuing Resolutions .


It is great to have this group up and functioning. They are currently working on a protocol they can put out to the congregation for addressing issues of conflict within our congregation. We certainly know that conflict is a natural part of life. Our hope is that we, as a congregation, can address it in ways that lead to growth rather than have it be destructive of our mission together.


If you have questions, or are aware of a conflict situation in our congregation that you feel needs to be addressed, you can contact Mike, Karen, or Josh or Pastor Nathan. May we find ways to transform our conflicts into opportunities for growth!




As faithful followers of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to helping individuals in the congregation see conflict as transforming, as a process of growth that will lead us to flourish in our lives together.




We see conflict as an important component of personal and congregational growth. A conflict process that helps us develop the love and unity that comes through Christ will transform all of us. Up to six members will compose this committee. Our process will be based on the following values of our congregation:

  • We accept diversity and seek to develop caring relationships among all people.
  • We will respond proactively and thoughtfully to anxiety and change.
  • We will communicate openly and directly.
  • We will respond graciously and truthfully rather than judgmentally.
  • We see conflict as a next step, for “beginning again” is a way of life.


Job Description:


Create and maintain a process for conflict resolution

Listen actively and empathetically

Evaluate resources for conflict resolution

Undergo training and train others

Partner as needed for resolution

Be able to articulate the vision to congregation members

Model a healthy attitude toward conflict

Exercise patience

Demonstrate humor

Consistently support this committee’s vision

St. Philip Lutheran Church Continuing Resolutions

Conflict Transformation Committee
Chair: Appointed by Council
Members: Up to 6 members appointed by Council
Term: Three year terms, which may be served consecutively
Duties & Responsibilities
The goal of the Conflict Transformation Committee is to:
1) Proactively discourage outbreaks of conflict by bi-annually holding forums regarding conflict management.
2) Interact with decision-making committees in the church who are proposing change and make proactive attempts to contribute support and change management.
3) Arbitrate conflicts within the congregation when they arise and offer lay counseling.